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Ziegel Engineering is a major manufacturer of sheet metal parts. We use quality materials, take pride in our workmanship, and use cost effective engineering. Products we manufacture are designed for long service and reliability.

We specialize in heavy duty cases and containers that are very lightweight and durable. We have a high degree of expertise in working with aluminium and titanium. We can design you a case or container for any application. We have several locking systems, interior designs and methods to produce a product that will meet your needs.

We will work with you in developing prototypes, short runs, and high volume production at a very reasonable price. We can also deliver your product to you within needed time limits.

If you would like us to assist you in designing a case or container, we can. Take a few minutes and sketch out what you need and FAX or mail it to us. We are ready to assist you.

Ziegel Engineering is also a major manufacturer of cases and containers for the entertainment industry. We manufacture instrument cases and amp racks for sound systems. We are willing and able to supply your needs.

If You Are Not Sure?

If you are not sure what you have, what you want, or how to do it, CALL! We have a great deal of expertise and can make suggestions that will make your next hunt, competition, or travel experience less hectic. If you cannot find it in the catalogue, CALL! We make many specialized cases that are not in the catalogue. If your local gun shop does not carry our product, take the dealer the catalogue and tell him you want him to carry our cases. All of our cases and field carts are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. If you order the wrong case that is OK! Return it undamaged and we will exchange it for the case you need, or refund your money. You can buy factory direct, but we encourage you to work with your local dealer. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you are welcome to come by and visit the plant in Signal Hill - next to the Long Beach Airport. If there is something you think we should produce, CALL! We always listen to good ideas.
Dean Ziegel, (562) 743-2457


In a very competitive marketplace we strive to give the customer what they want. We have been making aluminum cases for over 26 years. We are a very innovative company and work closely with our customers to develop new designs and concepts to meet their demand in the field. We strive to control cost so that our product is of real value to our customers -- our product retails at prices our competitors attempt to wholesale their product at. We are the largest manufacturer of aluminum cases. Our product is made in the United States of America. Our cases are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. We have engineered and developed many cases that do no appear in this catalogue. If you have an application that needs to be cased and secured we will work with you. We also service an international market. We greatly appreciate your business and ongoing support.

Ziegel Engineering

590 10th Ave
Kingsburg, CA 93631
Order: (562) 596-9481
FAX (559) 869-6081

590 10th Ave
Kingsburg, CA 93631
(562) 743-2457

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